DKW Analytics is a Data Science consulting company that can assist in your organization’s analytically related projects. Our company provides expertise in a wide range of areas including developing predictive models, training executives and new analysts, and consultations on transforming a company into a Data Driven organization. Our company was founded by Dr. Donald K. Wedding who has over two decades of experience in the field. He has worked in a variety of roles and is familiar with many tools, techniques, and modeling applications. An overview of his experience is provided below. Please review our web site and contact us for further information.


  • Twenty years of experience in Data Science. Experience includes areas such as Statistical Analysis, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Time Series Forecasting.  Domain knowledge in marketing, retail, banking, telecom, insurance, and shipping industries. Models developed include prospecting, churn, segmentation, lifetime value, customer relationship management (CRM), fraud, forecasting, credit risk, and underwriting. Ten years of experience developing and teaching university level courses in Statistics and Data Science at both the graduate and undergraduate levels.
  • Experienced in managing and developing comprehensive strategy to incorporate analytics within organizations. Experience includes recruiting talent, selecting software, and educating organizations the on use of analytics.
  • Experienced in numerous modeling tools including SAS Programming, SAS Enterprise Miner, SAS Forecast Studio, Python, Scikit, Tensor Flow, NLTK, Jupyter Notebooks, R, Data Robot, and Tableau.
  • Education includes PhD in Engineering with specialization in Machine Learning and Data Science methodologies. Also completed MS Management and MS Data Mining.