DKW Analytics provides consulting services to advise and assist institutions as they transition into Data Driven organizations. Such transitions can be expensive and disruptive to a corporation, and often times they fail to meet their desired goals. We have first hand experience related to these transitions and can help in identifying and avoiding problems before they occur. We are also experienced in sales, and can assist vendors in the sales cycle as they position their products and services into organizations that are starting the transition into being Data Driven. Some of the consulting services our firm provides are listed below.

Data Driven Organization

  • Transition to Analytically Driven Organization
  • Strategic Risk Appraisal
  • Organizational Skill Assessment
  • Hiring and Talent Acquisition
  • Technology Recommendations

Pre-Sales Consulting

  • Assist Vendors in Strategy and Positioning
  • Presenting Value Proposition to Customers
  • Product Demos and Training
  • Customer Retention

Other Consulting Services